Fun & Fit offers the only online system specifically designed for Recreational Gymnastics Instructor Training & Lesson Planning.

From the moment you subscribe to Fun & Fit Gymnastics you will reduce the hassle and cost of instructor training, plus gain improvements in the quality of teaching, safety and consistency.

You will love seeing your instructors grow in confidence and the speed in which new instructors catch up to your more experienced ones.

Gain value from day-one & jump ahead of your competition by introducing Fun & Fit Gymnastics in 3 easy steps.

1. Train Teachers in Skills, Progressions and Safety

The Fun & Fit Gymnastics teaching system offers a library of over 1400 skills, drills and progressions, each with video demonstration that enhance safety and allow your Instructors to self-train in Recreational Gymnastics.

  • Includes 3 curriculum Modules: Preschool, Girls and Boys. Subscribe to 1, 2 or all 3 of these curriculum Modules based on your needs and budget.
  • Easy to follow and learn, with step by step skill and technique development across all levels.
  • From forward rolls to front flips, your instructors will master your curriculum, training where and when they want… the Smart Moves teaching system is accessible on smart phones, tablets, computers and can be printed.

2. Lesson Plan with Ease

Once your instructors are up and running teaching with progressions competently and safely, they are ready for Lesson Planning – putting the curriculum skills into an organized teaching plan for their classes.

  • The gymnastics system comes with 250 sequential lesson plans preinstalled. They can be used immediately or edited to better fit your unique needs.
  • There is also a built in lesson planning wizard, providing fast and simple guided lesson creation.
  • Even your newest and youngest instructors can create professional and organized lesson plans specific to the ages and levels of the students in class.

3. Customize and Grow your Curriculum

Gain further value adding your own activities and skills, editing or creating new lesson plans for Themed Classes, Summer Camps and Special Events.

  • Add new skill progressions quickly and easily.
  • You can even create Single Skill Focused lessons for things like Tumbling Clinics.
  • Smart Moves allows you to customize to your unique program needs, editing lesson plans, activities, settings, levels, tags, classes and commonly used terms.
  • We can customize the colors and branding to highlight your brand to your customers

Other Great Features + Benefits


Never Print Your Manual Again

Up to date and easy to access wherever and whenever you want it.


Access for Your Whole Team

Our subscriptions let your whole team access the resources where they need them.


Web Based and Easy to Share

Content is shared securely online and is made available to your Team Members instantly.


Organized and Ready

Parents want to see Teachers are organized, prepared to teach and following a progressive curriculum. Impress and educate them by displaying the Smart Moves online teaching system at your Pool (printed or online).

Developed by Experts You Trust

Rest easy knowing that your instructors are accessing quality resources developed by true experts, including Jeff Lulla – a teacher of recreational gymnastics for over 30 years, a USA Gymnastics University Instructor, Congress Presenter, Curriculum Author, Safety Instructor, and Founder & President of the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers.

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Client Testimonials

  • I love doing what I do! Gymnastics is my life and I’ve been lucky to surround myself with people who are of the same vein.

    I have come to rely on technology and resources to help me run a successful business. I talk about one such resource (Smart Moves) in this video.

    Every serious gym owner needs this!

    Al Fong
    USA Olympic Coach, Owner of Gage Centre

  • We love the user friendliness of Smart Moves.

    Smart Moves Team have been great at answering questions we have and helping us solve problems even before they arise.

    Using Smart Moves has been a great experience and we are definitely excited [for our gym] to keep moving forward with this platform.

    Kayla Bonnell
    Calgary Gymnastics, Program Direction

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